Game over, seller.

Your junk pile is ours.

It’s mine to turn into a gem, and it’s his to turn into the ultimate support system for the garage. (We have different priorities, and that’s fine, because I respect his garage and he doesn’t say no to my paint choices.) People need boundaries and their own “spaces”.

Right now, my focus is on not decorating the entire house before we’ve even moved in. I’m a crazed happy monster with a new home to reduce to a blank slate and then build up again. I’m intoxicated with ideas.

Right now, my plan is to challenge myself by not repeating what I’ve done before. Our current house (just sold) has a creamy grey-beige, robin’s egg blue and pale grey main floor, with some bold teal and turquoise accents. The main floor took some time to pull together, but there was always a very “cool” theme in here.

Next house, I want to have a cohesive main floor where the rooms really flow together and the colour scheme has to be warm. I’ve done cool, now it’s time to go warm.

Our current house has a colourful top floor and each room is its own statement. That being said, I made sure that when you stood on the upstairs landing, the room colours and decor looked relatively nice when you could see into all the rooms… from left to right you’d get grey-purple, grey-beige and hot pink, neutral greys, a rich grey-brown and then a light but intense green. (To explain, those are the colours of the bathroom, the spare bedroom, the landing walls, the open cupboard, the master bedroom, and the home office.) Honestly, the top floor wasn’t as cohesive a statement as it could have been, but that’s fine. Each room had character, the decor looked good enough and if you pulled all the colours together onto a moodboard you’d have only one or two head scratchers. *cough hot pink cough*

I feel a plan for the main floor fomenting already, but the top floor of the next house is a mystery. There are four bedrooms and two bathrooms up there. The bedrooms are sorted out with two on the northside and two on the southside, with a stairwell and closets diving the top floor in half. This is great, because I could divide the decor into halves, but I think to begin with we’ll just paint everything pure white, we’ll remove and spray the doors with something exceptionally scrubbable, and we’ll ignore it.

I really want to work on my ability to make a plan for the entire room, record it, then deliver on it. I’ve always admired the under appreciated skill of having a vision in one’s mind of what you want to create and then actually creating what you visualized with minimal deviations. There’s something so impressive about that.