Weird Moments

We’ve talked about everything that’s wrong with the house we’re buying (ruined roof! rotted windows! overgrown yard! flies! mice! carbon monoxide!) but it’s beginning to dawn on me that when those things are fixed, the house is move-in ready.

The dirt will wipe off.

The roof and windows will be replaced.

We went with friends to Home Depot (couples date, you know how it is with homeowners) and we were looking at flooring. Mark and I were admiring different types of flooring and it kinda sunk it after awhile that actually, the house has new birch hardwood floors. (Birch is a softwood, but when it’s tongue and groove flooring everything is called hardwood. This is an argument I have with my Grandfather all the time.) The main areas of the house are DONE. We won’t need to shop for hardwood for….. thirty years. I had to look it up on my iPhone but yeah, the entire top floor has new floors. Even on the landing. All new floors.

We were looking at tile and aside from the kitchen and the front hall vestibule, we don’t need tile. The bathrooms have already been renovated, and nicely renovated too.

That was a weird moment. Our house (after the new roof and new windows) doesn’t need construction. It needs strictly decorating.

I won’t need to buy a toilet for the next thirty years, because all the toilets are new and toilets last for forever. The furnace is new. We’ll have a new water heater by the end of February.

I can’t wrap my head around it.  We bought an (almost) move in ready house.

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