The Impasse

We haven’t bought the house yet.

Our negotiations are at an impasse, the seller is behaving like a toddler having an over-due-nap meltdown (refusing to make FREE fixes to his own home so we can buy it) and he’s daring us to take it or leave it.

Buddy, everyone we know thinks we should leave it. Your house is covered in dead flies, is infested with mice, we can’t afford to fix the kitchen AND the roof AND the windows (all of which are equally dire), every room needs to be repainted, the hot water tank is leaking carbon monoxide, the furnace is vented improperly, the roof needs patching and THE HOUSE IS FULL OF DEAD FLIES AND GARBAGE. AND DEAD FLIES. Your washing machine is from 1983!

I can’t even look at Pinterest, I’m so… done.


About thirtyyearhouse

A lovely couple who lived in sin just for fun, but decided that fun is overrated and moved on to being married. Sold the starter home, bought the family home, currently about to die of excessive exposure to cardboard, ready to take on the world. There's also a dog called Zaphod. He's cuter than us by far.

2 responses to “The Impasse

  1. It sounds like you’re getting pretty disillusioned with Chateau de Banane. 😦
    Maybe the universe is trying to give you a chance to get a *better* house. one without garbage. without dead flies.

    • I think both Mark and I struggled with buying this house because we didn’t want to get too hopeful or emotionally invested in case it was too much work, or we couldn’t get the sellers to sell… we were reserved as much as we could be during a negotiation. It wasn’t until the 11th hour that we decided to really commit to the place. Prior to that, when we talked about the house, it was all the gross stuff because it was hard to admit that the house had GOOD qualities.

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